The Music of Salsa del Soul


The Bolero is a musical genre born in Cuba in the nineteenth century. It is a slow, romantic style of music whose musical relatives include La Habanera and La Musica Trovadora.


One of the most popular of Cuban dances, the Cha-Cha-Cha, created by Enrique Jorrín, is derived from the early Cuban Danzón. It was first popularized by the Cuban “Charanga” bands of the 1960s.


Salsa is a style of music that is derived from a variety of traditional and contemporary styles of Cuban Music as well as Puerto Rican musical styles and American Jazz.


The Bachata is a rhythm of strings and percussion which was born in the Dominican Republic. It can be described as a hybrid between the Bolero and the Cuban Son.


Plena is traditonal Puerto Rican musical genre that is said to have originated in Ponce, Puerto Rico. A fast paced, lively rhythm, the Plena was integrated into contemporary Puerto Rican music through artists such as Rafael Cortijo and Isamael Rivera.