In September of 2016, The Selby Ave JazzFest took the next step in our development by being becoming a nonprofit organization.

We would like to thank The St. Paul Foundation, Mardag Foundation and F. R. Bigelow Foundation for their generous support during our first years of operation.



  • To provide regionally underserved market with access to quality arts programming

    In 2017, nearly two out of three of our attendees resided in Zip Codes where annual household entertainment expenditures were at least 25% less than the Twin Cities Seven County Metropolitan Area average.

  • To use the power of arts-based community development as a platform for individuals from all walks of life to be of one community via a shared arts experience

    Over its 17 year history, The Fest has gained a strong reputation for attracting a genuinely diverse audience.

    “From all walks of life, some in business, some in the arts, some in education…folk get to congregate, network, and just in general be about a community. As much as it is about the music, this is also about mingling with friends and making new ones.”  –TC Daily Planet

    “The festival attracts an eclectic crowed from the folks who live around Selby and Milton in St. Paul all the way to the upper-crust denizens of Summit Avenue. It’s got just the right free-spirited vibe to keep things loose.” –Mpls-St. Paul Magazine

  • To utilize the arts as a means to reposition Selby Avenue as a safe, cultural and hip destination

    “You wouldn’t see me here…you wouldn’t see you either.” –Mychael Wright on the state of the Selby Avenue Corridor circa late 1990’s

    Through the investment by strong small business owners and residents, Selby Avenue is well on its way to turning the corner of its checkered past. As the regional perceptions of the corridor have changes, so has the make-up of The Fest’s audiences. As late as 2008, 20% of JazzFest attendees resided outside the neighborhood’s 55104 Zip Code. In 2017, over 60% did.